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Touchosc is a modular OSC and an imposing MIDI control surface for Android. With touchosc apk, you can send as well as receive open sound control and MIDI messages through WIFI. It is a piece of excellent music and audio app. It can impose modular OSC and midi control surface for android device, which is impressive. It got a very nice surface.

With this application, you can easily remote control and receive feedback from the hardware that implements the OSC and MIDI protocol like Ableton Live, Renoise, OSCulator, etc. Touchosc hat got a friendly interface that will provide you with numerous customizable touch controls for sending and receiving messages.

Touches can also send accelerometer data, and it also comes with an example layout. With the help of Touchosc editor application, you can easily create custom layouts. Touch OSC offers you to unlock and unlimited things to do on it. So, why are you waiting for me? Download Touchose apk and enjoy your freedom.

What's new

- Updated for modern Android SDK
- Updated prompt for permissions
- Updated about screen with helpful links
- Updated icon
- Fixed display of local IP address
- Fixed settings screen corruption after device rotation
- Fixed warning dialogs forcing layout rotation
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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