New App By Microsoft and UPS Helps You Donate Masks to Hospitals

July 25, 2020 apkfuse No Comments
Widespread shortages of protective equipment are forcing health care workers to function under dangerous conditions. A group of companies, including Microsoft, UPS, Kaiser Permanente, and the American Hospital Association is trying to address this issue. They’ve collaborated on an app that lets users donate protective gear, like face masks or gloves, with no shipping charges.“Protecting People Everywhere,” or PPE which is the same acronym used for “personal protective equipment,” capitalizes on the useful supplies people or companies might have lying around in storage. If your employer has a supply of latex gloves that are not in use because the business is closed, they can be shipped to PPE for redistribution to hospitals in need. This is a great opportunity for those feeling a twinge of guilt about panic buying of needed medical supplies to right their wrong.

How The App Operates

HealthEquip is the website and app leading the PPE triage project. HealthEquip allows hospitals to sign up and request the supplies they need. The service tracks factors like the number of hospital workers and the number of COVID-19 cases to measure how dire the need is.HealthEquip then pairs up donations with the hospitals seeking specific supplies. UPS will deliver the products, charging the shipping expense to the hospitals. The issue right now is not that hospitals don’t have the money to buy supplies, but that almost all supplies have already been purchased, much of it not actually in use.Hospitals will then test the equipment to make sure it’s hygienic and safe for use.

Make a Direct Impact on Healthcare Workers

Throughout the world, people are celebrating healthcare workers. In some cities, they are cheering out windows at a certain time of day or hanging posters that are visible from the streets. While keeping morale high is important, giving people safety equipment is far more vital. If you’re interested in donating, Protecting People Everywhere is an easy way to make a direct impact.PPE is currently looking for medical gloves, medical-grade respirators, like N95 masks, and hospital gowns. There is no minimum amount you can donate so even if you have a few extra N95s, you are free to mail them in without charge.

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